Video Marketing

Four Ways Video Marketing Can Help You Prove Yourself

Your YouTube channel can be so much more than just another content marketing piece.

Source: Weedezign / iStock / Getty

Creating engaging, informative video content is a tall order. It requires proper technology, planning, and long-term strategy. It can seem much more complicated than Tweeting or crafting a great e-mail. But when done the right way, video marketing can help you prove yourself as an authority in your industry, which is an essential step in the “know-like-trust” factor that convinces customers to buy. Whether it’s popping into Facebook life or curating YouTube content, video marketing helps your target clients understand your expertise.

Here are four ways video marketing can help you prove yourself and position yourself as an industry leader.

  1. Demo videos: Demonstrating one of your products in a demo video is an incredibly effective way to show your expertise. Showing a product demo in a video is much more useful than simply listing out some how-to’s on a website. To make an effective demo video, make sure to show how your product works while giving an explanation of problems it can solve for customers.
  2. Q&As: Open up your videos to questions, and provide helpful, informative answers. This can be done in a live stream on YouTube or even on something as simple as Instagram stories. Answering your clients’ questions is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and prove that you actually know what you’re talking about. If you’d rather feel more prepared, have viewers submit questions ahead of time, but doing a short-form live Q&A does a better job of showing your confidence. It also helps you understand what type of content your audience is looking for, which can inspire future video content.
  3. Industry news: Has your industry released new regulations or routines? Offer up your perspective on them and how they relate to your target customers. This will help you seem in the know and well-educated on industry issues. Industry leaders don’t simply ignore major happenings; they’re able to offer unique perspectives on them. Just don’t use too much industry-specific lingo—your target clients won’t be able to follow along.
  4. SEO boosting: YouTube functions as a search engine—the second most powerful one after Google. By crafting great video content, you’re giving your company a search engine optimization (SEO) boost. If someone searches a question and your video has the answer, it helps position you as an expert. The more people believe your brand is an authority on a subject, the more they’ll trust you when it comes to opening their wallets.