Storytelling Has Never Been More Important in B2B

During the recent Content Marketing World Summit, one key theme emerged: Today’s business-to-business buyers are more sophisticated than ever before and, as a result, marketers are increasingly relying on B2B storytelling to help close deals. Here’s a closer look at five ways B2B marketers can incorporate storytelling into their marketing and media mix.

Source: golubovy / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Create case studies: Today’s B2B buyers want to buy solutions that are tailor-made for their problems. One of the easiest ways to demonstrate your experience in serving clients with their specific issue, industry, or company size is by creating case studies. In the case study, highlight the issue the business was facing, how your solution solved it, and what the positive impact has been for the company. When you address these key points in a storytelling format, it is easy for buyers to imagine how your products and services could benefit their own company.

Feature testimonials: Few things speak louder than a satisfied customer. Ask your most satisfied customers for a testimonial you can include on your website, in brochures, and in sales collateral such as proposals. Further personalize these testimonials by including a name, company, title, and photograph where possible.

Develop use case: A use case helps a prospective customer understand the range of scenarios where a specific product might be helpful. For example, collaboration software can be used in a wide variety of situations. However, the relevant benefits are different when your team all sits together in a single office versus when they are located in different locations around the globe. Creating targeted use cases helps prospective customers connect their own unique story to the solutions you offer.

Use video to introduce your brand: When customers are in the awareness stage in seeking to learn more about your brand, consider introducing it via a short video. Video is a unique format that allows you to combine images, personal testimony, data, and strategic narration into a single experience that can bring your business alive in a whole new way. A teaser video is a smart and cost-effective way to help tell your company’s B2B story in the marketplace.

Contextualize your brand story with an infographic or interactive: Put your brand’s story into context by creating an infographic or interactive that provides a closer look at original data, industry statistics, and much more. An infographic or interactive allows you to tell a large, data-driven story in a concise and easily digestible way.

B2B buyers are demanding more than ever before from the brands they are doing business with. Storytelling can help set your marketing apart by bringing your brand to life, demonstrating your expertise in your field, and helping prospective customers tie your products and services to the solutions they’re seeking.