Marketing Strategy

Words of Wisdom from Marketing Experts

Today, we’ll be sharing important marketing lessons from experts who have achieved amazing results for the companies they represent. Let’s focus on high-level advice about content marketing.

On Finding Success with Content Marketing …

“Creating great content isn’t enough. The content must be distributed and marketed properly to gain traction. The content must be organized in a manner that allows the user to find it, just to name a few of the more complicated nuances of content marketing. I believe that it has been an uphill battle to convince people that creating great content is a tremendous marketing opportunity. As a result, the message gets watered down a bit to ‘create great content and your company will benefit.’ There’s more to it than that.” —Russ Henneberry (@RussHenneberry)

On Experts and Their Participation in a Project …

“Before launching a big project, make sure you have the enthusiasm/support/effort from your subject matter experts. I work largely for professional service firms, and our content marketing programs absolutely require the expertise, insights, and credibility of subject matter experts. Without their willing participation, the project—no matter how well-researched, well-designed, etc.—is a low-flying dud.” —Clare McDermott (@soloportfolio)

On Emulating Another Company’s Success …

“NOTHING. Except the hard-fought notion that success demands hard damn work. Even if what you see is good for someone else, that doesn’t mean it is going to work for you. Times change. Tactics change. People change.

“So spend less time copying (or even learning) and more time pushing your limits. Stop looking for a path forward and get good at leaving a trail.” —Dan Waldschmidt

On Becoming a Thought Leader …

“It takes a lot of resources to do this properly. In the world of B2B [business to business], there is a lot to be gained from a thought leadership approach, of producing really smart content that separates a brand intellectually from the competition, especially when engaging prospects at the very start of the buying process. But there are two big issues that, frankly, marketers are taking a long time to address:

  • In-house experts need to allow time for sharing that expertise.
  • The end benefits justify a significant investment, not just in writing/production/design, but also in the careful planning of the whole strategy—a service that is typically and quite easily outsourced.

“Too many marketers seem to persist in the belief that content marketing is about a quick article here and there and that will do the trick. While content does not always have to be detailed and lengthy, it should be high-quality, interesting, and well-planned. Ad-hoc content production—squeezed in around the day job—is not a solid basis for success.” —John Bottom (@basebot)

On Providing Return on Investment (ROI) for Your Efforts …

“As a B2B marketer, I am constantly under pressure to justify my investments in order to prove marketing ROI and accountability. In 2009, I found that by demonstrating positive impact on pipeline and revenue, Marketing had finally become a respected part of my company’s revenue process as opposed to being treated as a cost center.

“To achieve this, I stopped spending time working on countless excel sheets, as they often resulted in data that either did not correspond to our sales numbers or confused my management further. Rather, I started making best use of my CRM and marketing automation system. By doing this, I was able to understand the effect of each marketing interaction on a lead or opportunity. I was also able to understand campaign influence, which now helps me to determine where to spend my marketing dollars.” —Maria Pergolino, vice president of marketing, Apttus Corporation

Thanks to Vision Edge Marketing and Content Marketing Institute for initially gathering these expert insights.

In part 2 of this article, we’ll continue to share advice from top marketers, with bite-sized insights!