Marketing Strategy

Three Ways Networking Can Elevate Your Marketing Game Plan

Meeting new faces can give your marketing strategy a significant boost.

Source: berya113 / iStock / Getty

Feeling nervous about an upcoming networking event? Nobody likes walking into a room full of strangers, putting on a name tag, and trying to forge connections. It can feel awkward and uncomfortable—not to mention a waste of time. But when done well, networking can elevate your marketing strategy and have a real effect on your sales numbers.

Here are three tactical ways networking can up-level your marketing game plan.

  1. It can get you inspired. If you’re only chugging along with your own marketing strategy instead of learning about new technologies or tools, your efforts may feel stale. By getting out there and learning how other companies are doing things, it’ll give you a spark to consider trying something new in your business. Maybe someone you meet will have just tried out a new social media platform, launched a new e-course, or found success with a new twist on traditional advertising. By meeting people and hearing about how things are going in their companies, you might find yourself brimming with new ideas.
  2. It can facilitate new connections. By meeting other business owners or CMOs, you’re opening the door to facilitating new connections that could pay off in the long run. Sure, you don’t want to go into an interaction thinking What can I get out of this? But if you meet a fellow businessperson whom you hit it off with well, you might try and brainstorm if there’s a way your two companies can collaborate. Maybe you can join forces on a webinar, host giveaways on Instagram, or be featured on one another’s podcasts. After the event, think of a few ways you could collaborate with people that you met there.
  3. It can keep you top of mind. You never know where a connection will lead. In today’s world of mainly digital marketing, it’s easy to forget the strength of a good old fashioned business connection. But a person you meet at a conference could easily turn into a connecter or a business lead down the road. It’s easy to want to stay behind social media profiles and call that “marketing,” but the truth is, the most effective marketing will always be done in person. As social media algorithms continue to hide content, your local connections will become more and more important. There’s always the potential for leads, referrals, and general business opportunities to arise at networking events.