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Purpose Holds the Key to Successful Social Media Marketing in 2019

Purpose isn’t just a driver behind marketing campaigns. It can also shape social engagement in the year ahead.

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Could purpose-focused marketing be the key to better social media engagement? In recent years, marketers have become savvy in the power of purpose. Buyers care about the way brands do business. And they want to do business with companies that have environmentally friendly approaches, good employee treatment strategies, and a sustainable supply-chain plan. However, it may also play an essential role in social media engagement. Here’s how to play up your purpose-driven content on social to really capture audience attention.

Share purpose-driven content on social media: If you’re creating content for your blog or providing investor updates on your purpose or corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, don’t forget to share on social media. In an environment where customers want to do business with brands that have a social conscience, social media channels are a great way to get this information in front of the market. Enforce the positive impressions that customers and prospective buyers are getting through other channels, and make sure that it’s part of your day-to-day interactions on social media.

Explore customer definitions of purpose: Use social media as a platform to listen and learn more about what causes your audience members care about. For example, are they most interested in doing business with brands that have a strong environmental stance, or are they looking at how you operate internationally? With a strong social listening campaign, you can identify what areas of a purpose-driven plan will resonate most effectively with your audience.

Activate the power of visuals: Study after study shows that visuals help make social media marketing more effective. Look for ways to tell your CSR or purpose-related stories through visuals. Can you showcase videos, images, or data visualizations that show your positive impact on the world? Visuals can help dramatically increase your engagement, provide new dimensions to the stories you’re trying to tell, and help find more members of your target audience.

Look for ways to engage audiences: How can your customers, followers, and fans help support your larger mission? User-generated content campaigns, running polls, and getting customers engaged in socially oriented conversations can help increase their relationship with your brand. The more active customers are with your brand, the more likely they are to remain loyal to you over the long term.

Having a clear purpose and mission can help you stand out in every area of your marketing. Don’t overlook social media marketing as a valuable channel to help focus on these stories. From stronger engagement with existing customers to attracting new leads, spend time focusing on your mission and values as part of your social media plan.