Marketing Strategy

New Year, New You: How to Use the ‘Hope’ Hook in Your January Marketing

Every January, people line up with a list of New Year’s resolutions. Here’s how to tap into that with your marketing.

Source: Rasica / iStock / Getty

From losing weight to finally getting organized, people dream of turning over a new leaf with the New Year. The turning of a page with the transition to the next year fills many people with a hope and optimism for change. Marketers can tap into that excitement by focusing in on the areas people are interested in and showing how their products or services can help busy people keep their resolutions this year. Here’s a closer look at how to do that in a way that’s truly helpful to customers—and gets them excited about what you have to offer.

Identify the desired state: What leads people to make a resolution? It’s a desire to achieve change, to finally reach mastery over a key point. For example, someone who wants to lose weight may be focused on improving his or her health or looking great next summer on the beach. Whatever the ideal state is that he or she is seeking, tapping into that desired state helps connect your messaging and offering to the right customers.

Explore the gaps: What’s standing in the way of the person’s achieving his or her goal? Take an organized home or office as an example. The issue might be time, knowledge, or lack of the right supplies. Depending on your business, you can show how you offer a specific solution to help overcome those challenges. It’s often important to show that your brand represents a path to the possibilities of change, if the person is willing to make a change. Carry it forward to helping the customer envision how, specifically, his or her life will change if he or she succeeds with his or her goals. The more clearly you articulate the change and the potential gains, the more powerful the impact you’ll have—and the more you’ll be likely to convert your message into sales.

Be sincere, not exploitative: When people care enough about an issue to create a New Year’s resolution—or even a plan to make a change—it has a powerful emotional context for them. Brands that act with integrity are going to be thought well of. Those that exploit that state and fail to deliver won’t be. Use this hook with the best of intentions to deliver real assistance to your customers to achieve their most important goals.