Marketing Strategy

How to Market the Ways Your Company Gives Back

Does your business give back to the community or world at large? There are ways to let the world know without seeming inauthentic.

Source: anyaberkut / iStock / Getty Images Plus

In today’s world, you can’t turn on TV or scroll through Facebook without seeing a commercial for a company that does good. Whether it’s Warby Parker donating glasses to those in need or Dove’s focus on improving the self-esteem of women around the world, many businesses are focusing their time and effort on more than growing their capital. Is your company partnering with an amazing charity or making donations to charitable causes? Great! But do you need to tell people about it?

On the one hand, you certainly don’t need to include it in your marketing efforts. But if your main worry is that your concern for the world will seem inauthentic, remember that it’s more important (and better for the charity of your choice) to grow your own profits so that you can continue to invest them in a way that gives back. Furthermore, you need to know that there are ways you can communicate your giving to the world without seeming sleazy.

It starts off when you pick your charity. Why do they matter to you? Do they have a personal connection to your family, your business, or your clients? By partnering with a charity that you have a true passion for, your communication about your giving will seem much more authentic. Your followers will be able to sniff out a PR scheme a mile away, so make sure to give in a way that actually matches your company values.

Next, when you’re announcing your partnership or new system of giving, explain why that particular philanthropy matters to you. Maybe your company is focused on breast cancer awareness because you lost your own mom to the disease. Or maybe you’re a financial services company that wants to give more funding to small start-ups. Try and explain it in a way that connects your business to a greater purpose. You’re not just in business to make money—you’re also trying to transform the world in a positive way.

Lastly, find the right balance between talking about your charity too much and not talking about it enough. If you’re constantly reminding people how philanthropic you are, you’ll either come off as a nonprofit or like you’re using your charity work to boost sales. But don’t be afraid to remind people of the good your company does, especially when it comes to big sales days like Memorial Day weekend or Black Friday. People want to buy from businesses that make a difference—reminding them of yours just makes it that much easier for them.