Marketing Strategy

How Magnolia Utilized Instagram To Grow a Massive Following

Chip and Joanna Gaines aren’t just fixer uppers—they’re social media savvy.

Source: Ink Drop / shutterstock

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re familiar with Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper fame. Even after their show has ended, the two have stayed in the spotlight, mainly through running their décor shop, Magnolia Market. But besides having famous faces in its corner, Magnolia has a marketing tool that packs a serious punch: a knowledge of Instagram best practices.

Sure, it’s easy to point to their seven figure following and attribute it to its celebrity owners. But the social media staff behind Magnolia has also demonstrated an awareness of how to share content that converts.

Each Instagram account has two main components: its images and its captions. If you look at both, you’ll start to understand a business’ strategy. So let’s break down Magnolia’s.

When it comes to its images, Magnolia’s big focus in showing their products within pretty, natural settings. So instead of showing you a bowl on display, or a bowl on a shelf, they’ll show you a bowl how Joanna Gaines would use it—maybe with an egg just cracked inside, on a counter with a dusting of flour. Suddenly, you aren’t just looking at a bowl. You’re looking at an afternoon spent baking cookies with your family. It makes you want that bowl ten times more than you would otherwise. They show off rugs by placing them in large, sunny, furnished rooms. They show their mugs filled with steaming coffee. They aren’t just advertising products; they’re truly setting a scene you can place yourself in.

With its captions, Magnolia keeps things short, sweet, and to the point. The brand doesn’t over-embellish or offer too many details; instead, it invites users to learn more about products by heading to the Magnolia website. As users spend less time on the feed and more time in stories, it makes sense that a brand would give less attention to extensive captions and more time to making sure that their posts are actually converting. While captions still matter, Magnolia focuses on letting the images do most of the heavy lifting. They also utilize hashtags, like #ThanksgivingTable, to attract like-minded décor mavens.

Plenty of celebrities have shops, clothing lines, or home décor. But few of those brands have the following of Magnolia Market. This goes to show that there’s more to social media success than famous faces—when the proper strategy is implemented, any company can find their way to a massive following.