Marketing Strategy

Can Your Marketing Help Customers Relax?

In today’s stressed-out, overcommitted world, marketing can actually help customers relax. Here’s how to tap into that aspect with your marketing efforts.

Source: fizkes / shutterstock

One look at today’s headlines quickly reveals how dire the state of the day-to-day world is. Everyone’s connected to his or her smartphone; working around the clock; overcommitted; and not getting enough rest, good food, or self-care. For marketers, what does this mean? If you can understand where your product or service fits in the context of relieving some of that stress for your customers and build that into your marketing, your business will see results.

Explain how you create more time: In a time-starved world, products or services that help create more time—or the illusion of more time—stand out. I recently spoke to a marketing manager who’s very focused on his physical fitness. But with long commutes, 3 kids under the age of 5, and a business that sometimes demands 10+-hour days, his fitness regimen was suffering. He paid a premium price to work with an experienced trainer who could deliver a grueling workout in 30 minutes on his lunch break. By helping him get more done in less time, he became a raving fan and signed a yearlong contract with the trainer. Leaning into this type of messaging can be an effective way to reach busy people.

Show how your product or service helps solve a problem: You create value for your audiences. But how does that help a busy person live a better life? Consider the busy parent who’s balancing work, family, fitness, side hustles, and everything else. He or she still wants to have a healthy, home-cooked meal. But the idea of shopping, finding recipes, food prep, cooking, and cleanup gets overwhelming, and it often comes down to pizza or takeout. Meal delivery services solve many of the challenges associated with home-cooked meals and make it possible for more people to have healthy, family-centered meals. Explore how your product or service solves a problem, and show customers the difference it can make in their lives.

Ease up on pressure-based messaging: In a world where people are always under pressure, step back and ask whether your marketing should add to that. One way brands are breaking the cycle is by easing up on the fear tactics, scarcity marketing, and urgency. Instead, they’re becoming trusted sources of inspiration, showing how spending time with their brand feels good—and focusing on how they can help. Every tactic has a place in marketing, as long as it’s ethical, but not adding more stress to your customers’ plates can be a smart way to become a brand they want more of.

Marketing can help you easily communicate the benefits of your brand to prospective customers. Take the time to explore how what you offer fits into a customer’s busy world, and then pivot your marketing to position your brand and products as a strategy to make life easier.