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5 Questions to Ask Before Developing an Online Course

Thinking about launching an online course this quarter? Make sure you know what you’re in for.

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Online courses are an incredibly popular form of education at the moment for nearly every industry. Companies have learned that if they create a course well, it can provide passive income while serving their customers effectively. But before you dive into the online course game, make sure you’re asking yourself these five questions in order to be prepared and make the most of your course.

  • What is your desired outcome for your students? What knowledge do you have for your students and what are you hoping the outcome for them is? For instance, if you’re going to be teaching about nutrition, your goal isn’t just for students to learn more about nutritional value. It’s probably for them to live longer, healthier lifestyles. Narrow in on that “why”.
  • Is your material something that’s appropriate for teaching online? There are some topics that simply don’t translate well online or require an in-person touch. If your topic is one of these, consider adding a 1-to-1 phone call consultation component. You can also justify a higher price point if your course involves an offline segment.
  • How will you create accountability for your students? It’s one thing for students to drop money on a course, but if they don’t actually consume and implement the material, they aren’t going to buy from you again or recommend your course to others. Think about how to form a community and create accountability, whether it’s a Facebook group, Slack channel, or other form of communication.
  • Do you have the time for updating/maintenance of a course? Although courses can be passive income, they still require updating and maintenance. Whether it’s updating the information or answering tech questions, courses still require time and energy. Don’t expect to be completely hands off after your launch.
  • Will your course have a limited timeframe, or will it be evergreen? Are you going to have a specific cart open time and cart close time, or can people purchase your course at any time? This will greatly affect how you market your course, but it can also have an impact on your format. If you’re going to be actively leading students through the course, you most likely have a specific time frame and a particular window in which things can be bought. If you touch the course less, it can be more evergreen. Either is fine, it’s simply something to think about when considering your course creation.