Marketing Strategy

4 Reasons You Should Be Focusing on Inbound Marketing

Get your customers to come to you instead of the other way around.

Source: everythingpossible / iStock / Getty

Marketing can often feel like hunting. You’re going out into the world, armed with customer feedback and statistics about your products and services, ready to convince people to buy. But inbound marketing—or the practice of drawing customers in instead of going out to find them—can be a game changer for your business.

Of course, inbound marketing still involves going “out”—you’re putting marketing content out into the world. But it often requires a more concentrated, one-time effort that can then pay off in big ways. One example would be a free eBook on a topic related to your industry. If you ran Facebook ads to this eBook, gathered e-mail addresses of those who downloaded it, and put them into an automated sales funnel, you’ve effectively caught customers in a net that they swam into instead of going out and capturing them. Around 63% of marketers say that gathering leads is their highest priority right now, and inbound marketing may be the answer.

Here are four reasons you should be focused on inbound marketing this quarter.

  1. It’s more efficient. Inbound marketing allows you to bring in a diverse group of customers by creating content that has wide appeal, instead of having to go out and tweak your strategy for each customer you’re trying to partner with. You can get more warm leads with less time and less resources.
  2. It increases trust. By providing future customers with something for free, you’re building a relationship of trust and demonstrating your expertise. They’re grateful to you for the content you’ve provided, and to show their gratitude, they’re exchanging something like their presence at an event or their e-mail address. You’re already starting your partnership out on a positive foot.
  3. It helps with SEO. If you want to give your search engine optimization (SEO) a boost, inbound marketing strategies like blogs or other digital content can be extremely helpful. By weaving in keywords, you’ll attract future customers who are googling what you’re selling.
  4. It’s evergreen. One of the best ways to focus on the long-term growth of your company is to implement inbound marketing strategies. Your marketing content doesn’t go anywhere, meaning that people might find that blog post in a year or two and reach out with questions about your services. By focusing on inbound marketing, you’re creating lead generators that will continue to function well into the future.