The Latest Trends in Product Descriptions

With all the innovation and evolution that’s constantly happening in the marketing field, there are some areas that seem like they should stay the same—like product descriptions. However, this area has been getting significant attention in recent weeks from both search marketers and conversion optimization specialists. If it’s been months—or worse, even years—since you’ve looked at your product descriptions, now’s the time to consider a revision. Here are five things to consider to make sure your product descriptions are enticing, fresh, and driving people to click purchase.

Maximize visuals: Today’s product pages need great visuals. World-class product descriptions feature professional, expert pictures of products from a variety of angles. Consider showcasing a person wearing an item or using it, as appropriate. Finally, consider whether a product video detailing the product’s features and benefits—as well as how to use it—could help add depth and detail to your product pages.

Optimize for search: Product pages should be written for consumers, but they also must be optimized for search engines. Product descriptions should contain the product name, SKU number, brand details, and common keywords people would use to find the product. Incorporate these terms in a natural way throughout the page, and ensure that they’re included in the site’s titles, subheaders, and metadata as well.

Use active dynamic language that targets your customer: A product description is more than just a laundry list of features or potential benefits. It must be written in a way that brings the product to life and targets your ideal buyer. For example, a “mermaid style white dress” won’t attract a buyer’s attention. But a “stunning arctic white wedding gown with an elegant silhouette, featuring a mermaid cut, with a modest neckline, and a flared skirt to flatter any figure” will draw in the bridal customers. Ensure your descriptions feature vivid language that helps your intended audience visualize how the product will meet their needs.

Incorporate social proof: Do you have fans who love your brand or glowing testimonials for a product? Incorporate these into your product description. Depending on how your site is designed, highlight the truly outstanding recommendations and reviews so they’re easy to scan in a typical product description layout. However, it’s important not to stop there and to find a way to showcase the full body of positive reviews your product has. Sometimes, one glowing review won’t persuade someone to buy, but ten positive reviews will.

Feature a Q&A: Do you receive common questions or face common objections to a product? Consider adding a Q&A to your product page to make this information available to all potential shoppers in a highly skimmable format.

Retailers and marketers are paying more attention to their product descriptions as an opportunity to drive conversions and turn casual browsers into customers and curious consumers into raving brand fans.