Team Management

The Case for Hiring a Department Project Manager

If your marketing department feels disorganized, consider bringing on a project manager to get your deliverables on track.

Source: scyther5 / iStock / Getty

As marketing teams are busier than ever before and have audacious goals, they have more balls in the air than ever before. The average team is managing digital properties, print campaigns, social media, demand generation, and much more. The result is that there are more chances for things to slip through the cracks, for deadlines to get missed, and for opportunities to slip away. Marketing leaders are increasingly turning to project market strategies to help keep their campaigns on deadline and on budget. However, it’s not just about investing in the right technology. The best hire you can make for your team this year may be a department project manager. Here is a closer look at how some organizations are using project managers as their marketing team’s secret weapon.

Centralizing all deliverables: A project manager can help keep your team on target by focusing on deadlines and deliverables. Across projects, they can keep a finger on the pulse of what’s due and what’s overdue—keeping management up to date and following up where required. Often, complex marketing campaigns are like dominoes. One missed deadline sets off a series of unintended consequences that impacts the entire timeline. A project manager has the visibility to identify when these issues are coming and make strategic plans that can help keep your projects on the rails.

Identifying one point of communication: Another area where project managers bring value is through centralizing communication. Whether you’re trying to schedule meetings or keep track of feedback from multiple stakeholders, a project manager can ensure that all voices are being heard and that all necessary stakeholders are at the table. Having one point of communication whose primary role is facilitating logistics can help keep your executives focused on decision-making and your creative team producing quality work.

Overseeing the budget: Time is money, as the saying goes. Marketing departments are operating on lean budgets and getting more done with less. And with the rising cost for talent, creative content, and other inputs, it’s critical to manage project budgets to the dollar. Losing track of the costs associated with licensing content, for example, or buying the necessary technology to get a project done can quickly get you into trouble. Project managers can bring the perspective needed to ensure that projects stay on budget and to signal when it may be necessary to revisit the financial picture of a specific initiative.

In the midst of all your marketing team’s recent hires, it’s easy to focus on big titles and flashy capabilities. But solid project management can be one of the most vital skill sets to making your overall marketing team a success. Consider hiring a skilled project manager to partner with your marketing team—and keep your execution on time, on budget, and to the level of quality your brand expects.