Team Management

Revisiting Your Performance Plans for 2019

Customer service managers often need to revisit their performance plans to keep agents delivering and customers happy. Here’s how to accomplish that.

It’s a new year, and it’s important that your customer service team members are ready to perform at their best levels yet. 2019 promises to be a battle for customer loyalty that’s based in large part on customer service experiences. By taking a few strategic steps now, companies can build a plan to optimize their performance plans for the year ahead. Here are a few ways to ensure your workforce optimization strategies are on point.

Use software to manage scheduling: Optimal scheduling helps guarantee that your contact center always has coverage while not overburdening your team. Shift-scheduling software has features that make it easy to track hours and preferred shifts, respond to vacation requests, and confirm that you’re staying in compliance with hour limits and other considerations. The right software incorporates all the features you need, is accessible via your mobile device, and can streamline scheduling communications with your agents.

Invest in the right hardware: Customer service agents have a demanding job that includes sitting for long hours manning the phones and wearing headsets. Investing in ergonomic office setups, comfortable headsets, and high-quality chairs can help make your team more productive. Managers who make these investments will see higher levels of productivity, paired with lower levels of concerns.

Establish clear key performance indicators (KPIs): It’s easier for your team to perform to standards when those standards are clear. One of the best ways to optimize the performance of your team is to create a list of priority focus KPIs, and then really drill down on those as targets for your team. Whether you’re exploring how long it takes to resolve a call or going after a specific customer satisfaction level, KPIs can help keep your team on target.

Offer inspiration: Help your team find more motivation by offering inspiration. Share interesting books and blog posts. Take time to give a rallying speech. Make sure your customer service team has access to your mission and vision. Have you articulated to them the customer experience you’re trying to deliver and the critical role they play in making it a reality? Perhaps one of your executives could come to discuss the difference that the team makes in your customers’ lives or business. Offer inspiration and help your team understand why what they do matters.

If you have big goals to accomplish in 2019, it’s important to set your team up for success. By making a few strategic investments, it’s possible to generate results that will have a long-term positive impact.