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Making the Most of an Editor in Chief for Your Marketing Team

One role could change your marketing team: an editor in chief. Here’s how to hire the right person.

Source: doble-d / iStock / Getty

To stay competitive, your organization needs to create numerous sales and marketing materials, from digital articles to sales presentations. Do you have the right team working to create these assets? From a graphic designer who brings your visual identity forward to an editor who oversees the copy, it’s important to have the right level of vision and polish in every piece you release into the market. One position many organizations have failed to invest in—but could benefit from immensely—is an editor in chief.

An editor in chief can bring a unified voice to your process and ensure that everything you’re putting out into the market reflects your brand’s best efforts and priorities. Here’s what an editor in chief can bring to the right table and how to identify the perfect candidate.

Set an editorial vision: An editor in chief who has the authority and the perspective to oversee your whole organization’s editorial strategy can make a big impact on the quality of your market presence. Look for candidates who have experience at the helm of a brand voice. Ask to see examples of how they’ve worked in different mediums and how those have contributed to a larger impact.

Bring your vision and mission to life: Your organization has taken the time to create a mission and vision that guides the way you do business. But do these critical objectives translate to your marketing and sales materials? Explore candidates who have experience with this. Talk through theoretical case studies on how they’d showcase your brand purpose in sales materials or how they’ve codified vision and mission in brand guidelines.

Ensure a professional quality to all materials: What style guide does your organization use? You don’t necessarily need to know the answer. But if there isn’t one, it might be time to hire an editor in chief. He or she will ensure that you’re using a style guide and that you have the brand guidelines in place to make your larger vision a reality.

Oversee contributors: Whether you’re hiring freelance writers or inviting different members of your audience to contribute, editors in chief can help keep the quality of those contributions at the right level. At a basic level, they can ensure that copy is proofread and fits a standardized template. At a higher level, they can work with your team and contributors to bring a variety of voices and perspectives to the table.