Team Management

What Can Your Marketing Admin Tackle This Year?

When you’re running a busy Marketing department, your department administrator is your secret weapon.

This person should be agile, connected, and able keep things moving throughout the organization. But it’s important to be strategic with this role. Many businesses fail because they do not set boundaries on what the position may be required to do and try to roll too many responsibilities into a single position with a low salary. However, when leveraged correctly, your marketing admin can help you stay on point and make sure your marketing efforts yield results. So, what should this position focus on?

Developing the systems behind routine processes: There are regular processes that need to happen on a regular basis to keep your organization running. For example, your social media and photography teams may need management sign-off before content can run. If this happens on a monthly basis, your marketing admin can take on a project management role to make sure the copy has been submitted, reviewed, and approved according to deadline. By keeping regular systems functioning smoothly, it’s possible to avoid most last-minute emergencies.

Running point on meeting agendas: Do you have regular staff or project meetings? If multiple people are contributing to the agenda, centralizing agenda management with your admin can be a way to keep everything organized. For example, one company I know has its marketing admin keep tabs on the agenda. Colleagues e-mail him topics in the 2 weeks between each meeting, and then he meets with the department director to prioritize topics, add agenda items, and finalize the list the day before each staff meeting. A central point of contact on meeting agendas keeps them organized without burdening your management staff.

Centralizing content curation: Effective content curation is one of the smartest ways to increase your content output and value to readers. However, it can be difficult to keep track of everything you read and to follow what should be shared—especially across your marketing team. Your marketing admin can track reading suggestions across the department and maintain them in a spreadsheet for your content team and others to access.

Tracking technology requests: Admins often have a nose for efficiency, and if there are tasks that plague your team, they’re sure to know. Whether it’s the need for better collaboration tools or an app that can automatically add receipts to an expense report, ask your admin to do due diligence throughout the year. Your tech team and management can then take a closer look at the business’s needs and decide which technology investments are compatible with your marketing budget and technology stack.

Delegating the right tasks and projects to your administrator will not only make your department more efficient but also will keep your administrator growing and challenged and help him or her cultivate the skill set needed to take the next step in his or her career.