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5 Ways to Find the Best Global Marketing Talent

Your company is moving into a new market, and you need outstanding marketing talent. Here’s a five-step game plan to attract top talent in any market.

Whether you’re taking your product to a new market or launching a comprehensive business in a new country or region, local marketing talent is essential for successfully navigating the project. Finding the best talent, however, can be a challenge. Marketing minds that understand local culture, business tactics, and the competition can give you an edge. Here is how to find the top talent in any global market.

Define your needs. What roles will be staffed by existing global human resources, and what positions will you open up to local candidates? Develop a clear game plan. Are you looking for managers or seeking assistance and functional areas such as translation, social media strategy, or ad buying? With this in mind, it’s possible to create a targeted strategy to connect you with the right candidates.

Connect with business schools. Create a list of the top business schools in the region where you’ll be doing business. Contact the business schools to find out if they operate alumni job boards, mailing lists, or informal networks. Business schools can connect you with business graduates and MBAs who understand the local business environment.

Use LinkedIn and other business-focused social networks. With over 400 million active users, LinkedIn has a robust presence in numerous global markets. Often, the most advanced marketing talent in a particular region is active on the social network. Do your due diligence, and explore whether other regions’ specific social networks should also be included in your digital recruiting efforts.

Plan a local visit. Consider sending a senior manager and HR rep to the region where you’re hiring. If at all possible, it’s beneficial to meet candidates in person. While you can do all your hiring remotely, having a presence on the ground helps convince top talent you are serious about investing in their market. There will often be significant competition for hiring these individuals, so take the time to position yourself as a compelling employer.

Find professional networking groups. Many regions maintain in-person professional networking groups. These may come under the umbrella of the local Chamber of Commerce, Toastmasters group, or young professionals association. Acquaint yourself with local professional networking groups, and reach out to them with relevant job openings.

Between digital and in-person recruiting, it’s possible to find the marketing talent your company needs to effectively reach local audiences. Take the time to define your needs, get to know local sources of candidates, and position yourself as an attractive employer brand. Local marketing talent can be the difference between a successful launch and failing to connect with customers in new markets.