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5 Ways to Celebrate Summer with Your Marketing Team

Summer is often a busy time with vacations, and it’s also a great time for teambuilding. Here are five ideas.

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With the warmer weather comes vacations, temptations to be out of the office, and countless distractions. Yet many businesses continue to operate at full speed (it might even in their busy season) during the warmer weather. For marketing managers, it can be a challenge to manage expectations, keep the team productive, and pause for a moment to celebrate the summer. If your team is stuck in the office this summer, here are five ideas to help take a moment for fun.

Plan one long weekend: Not long ago, a marketing director I spoke with said she gave her entire department a Friday off. The whole team took the same weekend in August and could do what they wanted—vacation with family, hobbies, head to the beach, or stay inside and recuperate. The only rule was that from Friday to Monday, no e-mails or work could be done.

Host a family-friendly event: Another way to encourage your team to engage is to sponsor a family-friendly event. It could be a lunchtime picnic or an evening outdoor cocktails event for staff and a guest. Create time for your team to bond, and include the people closest to them.

Sponsor a themed lunch: Getting out of the office even for a short period of time can be a great way to enjoy the summer. A catered lunch with a summer theme can reward your team and help make a week interesting. Consider a picnic, a BBQ, or another summer-themed meal one day during the summer.

Hold meetings outside: Are you having a one-on-one meeting with a member of your marketing team? Consider holding a walking meeting outside. Can you schedule a strategy call or brainstorming session outside? This won’t be appropriate for every day, every meeting, or even every employee. But when the conditions align, and everyone is happy to do so, going outside is a great way to enjoy the weather even when work beckons.

Spend time teambuilding: Teambuilding activities get a bad rap. But they’re worth doing, and summer can be a great time to diversify your options. Play an outdoor sport, get out on the water for a cruise or boating afternoon, or simply go for drinks to a restaurant with an outdoor patio after work.

Summer can be tough when you have a heavy workload. But marketing leaders who find a way to engage their teams and take advantage of the summer can keep their teams happy, productive, and connected.