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5 Tips for Hiring a Technology Content Writer

Many companies are hiring freelance content marketing writers to help achieve their content goals for the year ahead. How can you find the right technology content writer for your needs?

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Technology companies and business-to-business (B2B) firms have a particularly difficult time finding qualified candidates to fill these roles. Yet not all hope is lost. There are qualified professionals who are excited about technology topics and the services you offer. Here are five tips for hiring a technology content writer for your next writing project.

  1. Check out portfolios. Every professional technology content marketing writer will have a portfolio that shows samples of his or her work. If you’re curious to check out an example, here’s By quickly browsing through a writer’s portfolio, you can gain a much better sense of his or her writing style, voice, and the range of brands and topics he or she has worked with previously.
  2. Find out who writes for brands you love. Another way to find and vet potential writers is to look at who writes for brands or publications you already love. For example, I have had clients approach me after reading my work on Forbes or for brands such as Adobe, IBM, and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. Find writing you love, and then connect with that writer to see if he or she is taking on new clients. Brands are increasingly using freelancers—and you may easily be able to establish a contract with the same writer creating Fortune 500 content you love.
  3. Ask writers for recommendations. The top tier of technology writing is fairly small, and writers tend to know each other—or at least be aware of each other’s reputations through editors and mutual contacts. If you are adding a new writer to your team or expanding your coverage in a specific area, ask the writers, editors, and marketing people you already know for recommendations.
  4. Partner with quality writing organizations. Partnering with professional writers’ associations is a great way to connect with serious, career-focused writers. For example, the American Society for Journalists and Authors (ASJA) has a strict vetting process for its members. Posting a job ad with them or participating in one of their events with members is likely to introduce you to a stream of highly qualified candidates.
  5. Conduct a paid writing test. Once you’ve found candidates you love, consider conducting a paid writing test. You can deduce a lot about writers by their portfolios, reputations, and professional associations. However, it’s important to make sure they can capture your brand voice and project vision. One of the easiest ways to assess this is to commission a single test article. Ensure the article is paid for, as asking for free work or work on spec gives your brand an unprofessional reputation. If the first article goes well, you can then commission additional work or talk about more formal long-term retainer agreements.

Busy B2B technology brands leverage technology content marketing writers to produce blog posts, articles, infographics, white papers, and much more for their brands. Knowing how to find and hire the industry’s best writers can kick your production into high drive and ensure you’re getting the results you need for your marketing campaigns.