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5 Skills You Need on Your Content Marketing Team

There’s no single organization model that works for every company’s content marketing team. Yet focusing on having the right skills on board can ensure you’re well prepared to meet the challenges ahead.

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What skills does your content marketing team need to succeed in 2018 and beyond? Today’s well-rounded marketing departments need a variety of skills to thrive. Here’s a closer look at the skills you should invest in to reach audiences, create amazing content, and build brand visibility.

Content creation. Marketing departments need to produce a diverse slate of content, from blogs and white papers to videos and social content. Having access to skilled talent who can create that content allows you to publish regularly, respond to fast-changing market needs, and control costs that might be higher if you consistently outsourced. Important content creation skills include writing, editing, visual design, videography, and the ability to navigate content creation for emerging formats such as virtual reality.

Data analytics. Data analytics are enabling marketers to better understand their audiences, integrate data into campaign creation and determine how their different initiatives are performing. The best data talent strikes a balance between scoping out strategies that support business needs, and understanding how to make the most of diverse data platforms.

Distribution. Creating great content isn’t enough; it’s also important to get it in front of the right audiences. Distribution experts can create a strategy to help make sure the right people see the content you’re creating. Look for individuals who understand strategies such as Prevention, Preparedness, and Contingency (PPC), social media, and paid content distribution partnerships.

Content strategy. Effective content marketing always starts with strategy. Having an in-house content strategist ensures you’re constantly developing content streams that connect with your audiences’ needs, the competitive landscape, and wider market trends.

Social media management. Social media is a critical channel for engaging with audiences. From distributing your content to helping you better understand what the market is looking for, effective social media management can both raise brand visibility and solidify relationships with your audience. The right talent should understand multiple platforms, including emerging social media channels and navigating both content creation and performance analysis.

Having the right skills on your content marketing teams ensures you’ll be able to stay on trend, meet customers’ expectations, and seamlessly execute your wider content vision. It’s well worth investing in talent to grow your marketing team’s capacity and be ready for the next major wave in marketing.