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4 Hiring Trends Every Marketing Manager Needs to Know

It’s tougher than ever to find the marketing talent you need. Here are four trends every marketing manager needs to know.

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Without the right people, it’s difficult to keep your projects moving forward and achieve your most audacious marketing goals. Yet many marketing managers are finding that despite great brands and excellent salaries, they’re having trouble finding the top talent to fill open positions. Gain an advantage in a competitive talent market by focusing on the latest hiring trends.

Employer branding matters: Today’s top marketing talent doesn’t just want to work for a great brand. They want to work for brands that take their employer positioning seriously. For example, what’s your company culture like? How are you focused on helping your team members reach their professional goals? The more you can hone in on your employer brand and communicate it throughout the recruiting and hiring process, the more successful you’ll be this year in finding the talent you need.

Data-driven hiring: Marketing directors are using data and technology to help source candidates, efficiently move them through the hiring process, and reduce the time it takes to fill key requisitions. Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping surface résumés that are a good fit for positions. Cognitive and behavior assessments, as well as other types of screening devices, are helping candidates who are the best-possible fit move to the head of the line.

Networking to source: When candidates have multiple jobs they’re considering, a personal recommendation goes a long way. As a result, sourcing candidates often starts with your network and with employees. Ask for referrals. Attend events. Take time to get to know candidates you’re excited about. The promise of a strong manager/employee relationship or working on a great team can get even the most in-demand workers to take a risk on your job.

Pushing the envelope through innovation and professional development: Get an edge by creating an innovative place to work. Today’s marketers want to learn and grow. Whether that means developing campaigns for new platforms, learning emerging types of technology, or having access to the conferences that shape an industry, these can be major enticements to take a job with you. Think about how you foster growth and innovation—at the departmental level, as well as part of every job.

Growing your team in the year ahead is on the to-do list of many marketing directors. Staying on top of how the landscape is changing and having a plan in place to attract top candidates can help you significantly differentiate your offers.