Team Management

3 Positions You’ll Add to Your Marketing Team This Year

Marketing teams are growing—but head count is being added where you might not expect. Here are three in-demand marketing positions.

You’re adding head count and hiring new members for your marketing team. As companies grow their marketing budgets and go after big gains during a healthy economy, they’re bringing on board the talent to make it happen. Yet many companies are investing in positions that fall outside the typical marketing hires or bringing traditionally outsourced roles in house. Here are three positions we expect to see more of in the job ads in the coming months.

Data scientists: Big data is one of the hottest trends companies are currently facing. Many companies are collecting more information than ever before, but they are unclear—or unable—to get maximum value from that data. A data scientist can help create a customized strategy for your business, explore what information you need to collect, build a technology stack, and conduct reporting and analysis to help all aspects of your business thrive. Depending on your organization’s individual needs, a data scientist may be a senior strategic resource or a more junior hire who works in the trenches.

Content strategist: Content marketing is bigger than ever—but many companies are recognizing that they need a clear strategy in order to maximize its value. An in-house content strategist understands your company’s priorities and can develop a plan that unites content across your owned channels (blog, etc.), off-site properties (contributed articles, social media), and earned content (PR and media coverage). A content strategist will help determine your overarching narrative goals, what specific pieces you need to create, and how to distribute them for maximum value. An end-to-end content strategy guides all aspects of your most important marketing and publishing ventures.

Digital marketers: Increasingly, digital marketing is the bulk of your company’s marketing efforts. Interactive marketing, virtual reality, artificial intelligence (AI) and other trends are becoming a central component of your efforts. A digital marketing resource—or even team—is essential. For this role, larger companies are focusing on hiring individuals with deep expertise in specific areas such as gamification, social media, and interactivity. Smaller and midsize brands are seeking well-rounded contributors who understand the digital landscape and bring multiple skills to the table. As you add to your digital marketing team, look for gaps and priorities in the year ahead and search for the individuals who can help you get on track.

As your team grows, it’s important to be strategic about having the top talent available working on your most important projects. From data to strategy, marketing departments are investing this year in onboarding team members who can help them achieve their goals faster than ever. Hire for the right positions now, and your job will be much easier in the year ahead.