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4 Smart Marketing Strategies to Target an Account

Account-based marketing and sales is all the rage, empowering marketers to go after individual accounts they find interesting. With account-based marketing, you focus on customizing and producing content—and experiences—that help you win the attention of decision-makers and the most desirable customers.

Time to Rethink Your Tagline?

With a new year under way, you may be thinking about new branding opportunities. One area that may be due for a refresh is your tagline.

It’s Time to Get Serious About Marketing Technology Security

Have recent headlines about data breaches caught your attention? They should. Few departments rely on technology as much as marketing, and it’s critical that your cybersecurity strategies are bulletproof to prevent hacking or customer data breaches. Don’t assume this is just your IT department’s responsibility. Train your marketing staff on the following points of marketing […]

Why Marketing Needs Great Relationships with Sales, IT, and Finance

Marketing is all about partnerships. Typically, marketers are on the lookout for opportunities that help expand our reach and connect with new customers through outside partnerships. Yet one of the most important strategies that marketing leaders and teams can embrace is finding fruitful partnerships within their own organization.

Should You Be Paying Attention to Transmedia?

Leading brands have embraced storytelling—and they’re increasingly exploring the emerging trend of Transmedia. While every marketer has recently faced the importance of having a sophisticated cross-channel storytelling strategy, today’s audiences have come to demand higher levels of creative delivery and integration. From the complex worlds of Disney and Apple to innovative smaller companies delivering the […]

Marketing Technology: Best of Breed or Integration?

Building your marketing technology stack is a key component of succeeding in today’s demanding landscape. From an effective e-mail automation system to content management and customer behavioral data, businesses rely on a variety of different platforms and technologies to get more done. One of the raging debates in marketing technology is whether you should go […]