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Helping Marketing Analytics Directors Thrive

Midsize and enterprise companies are increasingly hiring marketing analytics directors. Yet, for many companies, it’s not clear what directors need in these positions to succeed and thrive. What does a marketing analytics director really do, and how can companies set them up for maximum productivity and impact? Here’s a closer look at three tips to […]

Does Purpose-Driven Marketing Have a Place in Your Marketing Mix?

Purpose-Driven Marketing: It’s a term that’s heating up this year, along with phrases like mission-driven marketing. These buzzwords refer to a rising trend that combines social good with corporate motivation. Companies are finding ways to serve real needs in the market, while also addressing challenges or making meaningful contributions to the world.

Develop these 5 Skills to Foster Innovation

At our company, one of our core values is innovation. We believe creativity and progressive thinking are critical to our success. I happen to share the opinion of former Ford CEO Mark Fields, who said, “Without innovation, I strongly believe companies die over time.”

What Can You Learn from a Failed Marketing Campaign?

The reality is that failed marketing campaigns happen every day. Yet, despite the avalanche of literature discussing what tactics are working, how to craft a strategy, and ideas for developing deeper relationships with your customers, Marketing departments must confront this reality.

Once Upon a Corporate Tale

When we’re young, stories are essential to our lives. Parents and teachers use them to impress upon us important concepts. That hard-working little pig who labored to build a brick house was a smart guy, wasn’t he?