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6 Ways to Write Social Media Ads that Convert

Launching a high-converting social media campaign can be one of the most fulfilling parts of a digital marketer’s job responsibilities. What can you do to ensure that your social media ads convert as well as possible? With these six tips, your ads will drive conversions.

The Top 5 Call-to-Action Designs for Your Company

Designing a customer journey is a challenging task that every business must go through in order to establish a customer base. There are three main factors that build a customer journey: design, copy, and call to action (CTA).

Making the Most of Tradeshow Follow-ups

Current technology has given tradeshows a new edge, and many people now have scannable chips on their nametags. As the dynamic of how people retrieve information has changed, it has created an entirely new process for following up and categorizing leads. On the other hand, an issue has also developed with nonprospects being scanned and […]