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Develop these 5 Skills to Foster Innovation

At our company, one of our core values is innovation. We believe creativity and progressive thinking are critical to our success. I happen to share the opinion of former Ford CEO Mark Fields, who said, “Without innovation, I strongly believe companies die over time.”

When Does It Make Sense to Outsource Customer Service?

In today’s customer-centric environment, outsourcing customer service gets a bad rap. Yet for many organizations, strategically outsourcing customer service to the right partner can be a step toward delivering outstanding customer service. How can leaders decide what’s right for their organizations and ensure that outsourcing is a success?

Why Every Web Design Must Focus on UX

Designing a new company website is an exciting process as your brand and your digital presence are brought to life. These efforts connect you to new segments of potential customers. One critical factor in the Web design process is developing the best user experience (UX) possible. A good UX means that your site is simple […]