5 Websites on SEO That Every Marketer Should Follow

Without good search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, it doesn’t matter how appealing, informative, or easy-to-use your website might be.

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How well you tackle SEO strategy could make or break your business. With that in mind, marketers need help staying informed to make sure the right potential customers can find their websites in their first keyword search. Here are five expert sources to follow for SEO advice:

  1. The Moz Blog

For over a decade, Moz has been a leader in SEO products, but you don’t have to be a customer to reap the benefits of the company’s cadre of technical experts. The Moz Blog is basically SEO central, loaded with educational information, practical advice, research, and industry trends. Moz offers an in-depth tutorial for beginners as well as technical advice for the advanced SEO strategist.


The aptly named is a treasure trove of SEO-related topics, ranging from first-timer how-to articles to deep dives into Google’s latest algorithm changes. One of the best features of the site, aside from useful content, is its organization. Site navigation in the header, displayed on all pages across the site, makes it easy to focus on your specific area of interest. Trying to get more local customers? Flexing your mobile strategy? Trying to figure out what Bing has to do with it? It’s all there.


Ace marketer Neil Patel knows a lot of things about a lot of topics. SEO is only one of them. His articles on SEO are an invaluable addition to your arsenal, though, because he addresses questions and problems that many SEO websites don’t even mention. For instance, in one post, he outlines the ways SEO spammers rise to the top of search engine rankings and helps illustrate how smart marketers can mimic the technique without going overboard. With SEO, as with many things, moderation is key, and Patel gets that.

  1. SearchEngineJournalcom

The sites mentioned above focus primarily on advice and techniques, and does that, too. Additionally, the site reports on the latest SEO news and pairs it with actionable advice. With multiple new articles daily, there’s bound to be something fresh for you to learn and immediately apply to your business .

  1. SEO for Dummies

Even if you’re not a dummy, trying to keep up with SEO changes can make you feel like one. From the famous line of books comes an inspired Web home for SEO advice. The SEO for Dummies Cheat Sheet is perhaps one of the best tools for beginners and anyone looking to break out of the SEO doldrums. Other articles focus on related issues and questions, including local search, analytics, and advice specific to landing pages.

Keeping tabs on these sites will help marketers stay competitive and learn to develop and execute SEO strategies that work to support your larger business goals.