Public Relations

5 Hacks to Giving Your Press Release a News Hook

Your PR pitches will stand out from the crowd if you’re able to tie them into current events.

Source: one photo / shutterstock

The cardinal rule of public relations (PR) pitches is making sure they’re buzzworthy. Most journalists receive an insane number of PR pitches, and 90% of them aren’t tailored to those particular journalists. The best way to increase your chances of getting your launch or event covered is to make journalists’ jobs as easy as possible. They need content—and you have content to give! But journalists have no interest in just promoting you as a company. You need to give your content a news spin in order to make it fit with that publication and give it a hook.

Here are five easy hacks to give your press release a news hook in order to increase your media presence.

  • Tie it in with a recent survey: Did a survey involving your industry recently become available? For instance, if you’re a fitness instructor, does your gym offer a program that goes well with the newest diet craze? Or, if you’re a life coach, could you offer a product that would help the X% of people feeling unsatisfied with their lives CNN just reported on? Find a way to tie your business in with survey results that are getting buzz.
  • Consider casual holidays: It seems as if every day, someone on Twitter is celebrating National Ice Cream Day or National Pencil Week or National Meditation Month. Be aware of when these casual holidays are so that when one involving your business approaches, you can pitch your press release to be tied in. (Don’t forget to plan ahead—long-lead publications will need at least 5 or 6 months.)
  • Focus on the local edge: It’s fine to dream big, but if The Washington Post isn’t responding to your press release, consider your local business magazine; local publications love to do features on people making a difference in their communities, and they’re more likely to take a chance on you and give your piece some local flare.
  • Keep all aspects of your business in mind: Maybe you’re a graphic design studio but incredibly active on Instagram. Sure, you can comment on graphic design trends, but could you also tie in your press release with the latest Instagram news? Think beyond your exact industry, and focus on all of the strengths your team encompasses.
  • Use your influence, network, and connections: Is the mayor going to be at your event? Or has a local celebrity used your product? By throwing a big name into your release, it’s more likely to be considered newsworthy.