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Four Hacks to Getting Your Podcast Off on the Right Foot

Launching a podcast? Here’s how to make it go viral.

Source: stephanie phillips / iStock / Getty

Podcasts are an incredibly popular and continually growing medium. This is both good and bad for anyone getting into the podcasting game right now. The upside? More people are listening to podcasts every day, so your audience is almost certainly there. But the tough part is standing out above the crowd.

Here are a few tricks—some easier than others—to helping your podcast rise above the rest. (Although there are multiple places to stream your podcast, most of these tips involve iTunes. That’s because it remains the number one podcast listening platform, far and away beating out its competition.)

  1. Release multiple episodes on your first day. Podcasts often grow loyal audiences by giving listeners the chance to “binge listen.” But if you only have one episode available, not much bingeing can happen. Also, by releasing three or five episodes on your first day, you’ll see a huge spike in overall downloads and streams, meaning you’ll be higher in the iTunes charts. Prepare your episodes in advance and then surprise your audience by launching a treasure trove of content.
  2. Try to land on iTunes’ New and Noteworthy page. A goal of most podcasters, this page promotes particular podcasts to all of iTunes, making it much easier for listeners to find your podcast. However, Apple keeps their exact decision-making process on lock. That means it’s hard to know what could put you on that page. However, a large base of listeners will boost your chances. There are also new and noteworthy pages for individual categories that may be a bit easier to achieve.
  3. Host a giveaway. Giveaways can be a great way to get the word out about your new endeavor. On Instagram or Facebook, give away one of your company’s products and offer followers extra chances to win if they tag their friends. That means a whole flood of people will be viewing your page. Are some just trying to win your prize? Certainly. But some will undoubtedly stick around. It can also be a great way to promote your company, which is probably why you started the podcast in the first place.
  4. Ask for ratings and reviews. Ratings and reviews help boost your iTunes standings, so at the end of your episodes, ask listeners who found value to leave you a rating or review. Important: don’t ask for a five-star review, but an honest one. Asking for good grades makes you seem too greedy.