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The Difference Between Hunters and Farmers

In both sales and marketing, it is important to match the right personality to the right role. Before deciding on final placements within the company, determine the unique set of skills that each individual on your sales team has.

The Best Time to Cold Call a Business

In part 1 of this article, we discussed the importance of creating a sense of urgency in sales and how to express that urgency to a prospect. In today’s Advisor, we’ll cover another important topic for getting a positive response from a prospect.

The Importance of a Follow-Up Call

In part 1 of this article, we talked about how to recover from a bad sales call and how to get back to dialing without being in a negative headspace. In today’s Advisor, we’ll talk about another situation revolving around sales calls—the importance of a follow-up call.

Understanding Sales Deal Stages

When it comes to sales, the proof is in the pudding. Results can’t be manipulated to suggest one thing or another, and customers can’t be forced into buying products in order for a salesperson to meet set quotas. Either the sale is made, or it isn’t, and the journey towards a signed contract is about […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Marketing Retreat

As summer fades into a distant memory and teams make the shift from vacation mode to planning mode, many marketing teams are thinking about next year’s budget and planning initiatives for the year ahead. An important part of that discussion is structuring your company’s next marketing retreat.

How to Structure a Daily Sales Scrum

“Scrum” is a term from the software development world, where teams come together in an all-hands meeting to review priorities and how much they’ve accomplished. It’s about setting the team’s focus on the day and goals ahead, providing a road map for getting them done, and quickly and efficiently addressing roadblocks.