Top 6 Ways to Increase Your Comments on Instagram

Instagram helps users create and distribute top-quality, authentic content. The social platform is making small changes to its algorithm to convince users to be less interested in the number of likes they reach and to focus more on connecting with their target audience.

Source: tomass2015 / iStock / Getty

In 2016, Instagram changed the feel of users’ feeds so they would include content that is relevant without considering the time it was posted. This made it harder for marketers to achieve high engagement on posts because most users didn’t see the posts in their feeds. After Facebook started prioritizing posts of users’ family and friends in 2018, Instagram did the same. In fact, the platform’s algorithm wasn’t pushing ads and brands as heavily as before.

Branded posts with organic engagement can sometimes bypass algorithms. Furthermore, comments are among the main factors that influence the ranking of a post on Instagram. So, to help you strengthen your business’s organic engagement levels, here are the top six ways to increase your comments on Instagram.

Video Is King

According to Mention’s study of over 100 million Instagram accounts, video content on Instagram receives high engagement rates. Compared with image posts, videos achieve a higher overall number of likes. Despite this, the average number of likes received by photos was higher. This led the study to conclude that the most famous videos could achieve a high percentage of likes.

Although likes are a strong metric when analyzing your target audience’s reactions, comments are more important to determine shareability rates. Still, Mention’s report shows that videos earn 46% more comments. It’s a huge opportunity to increase brand awareness, thanks to the high demand for video content.

Share videos that have an emotional effect on your target audience, whether they make them laugh or cry. Considering that most viral content is based on humor, be sure to share videos that make people happy. Think about what your followers may find funny, and create humorous videos around that.

Share Attention-Grabbing Content

If you don’t have eye-catching content on Instagram, you’re not providing any value to your audience. Don’t share just any piece of content. Because over 95 million posts are shared every day on Instagram, the competition for space in people’s feeds is extremely high.

Consider Instagram’s algorithm, which decides what posts make it into your audience’s feed based on engagement rates. The foundation for success on Instagram is to share useful, top-quality content that impacts your target audience and makes them comment on the posts you share. Otherwise, they’ll scroll right past them, and you won’t receive any comments.

Reply to All Your Comments

Replying to all your comments is the best tactic for receiving more. It has the strongest impact in boosting your audience’s engagement level and increasing how many comments you receive on Instagram. The core of Instagram is based on creating and promoting social activities, such as conversations, which are the principles of human interaction. This means that, just like in real life, when people talk to you, it’s only polite for you to respond. If you don’t, they’ll disappear, and you’ll lose them to the competition.

If you make it a habit of responding to each comment you receive on the platform, you’ll send positive signals to your target audience. You’ll prove that you care about your followers and prospects and that you value their time. By engaging with your target audience, you’ll slowly but steadily build a relationship. You can do this in two ways—either let users comment on your posts, or actively approach them by making the first move.

The Power of IGTV

Since Instagram announced that users’ feeds would include IGTV previews with videos, views have skyrocketed by 300 to 1,000%. Additionally, to reward people for using IGTV, Instagram pushes them through on their followers’ feeds.

In the past, you could only watch the videos on the IGTV app, and the channel was struggling for engagement. Now, users can watch around 60 seconds of these videos during the previews. To watch the rest, they must click the video, and that will take them to IGTV. Nevertheless, aside from business accounts or verified user accounts, which have more than 10,000 followers broadcasting for up to 1 hour, the average IGTV video runs for between 15 seconds and 10 minutes. Above all, the keys to creating highly engaging IGTV videos are strong visuals, high-quality content, different editing and media, producing thumbnails, stories for promotion, and repurposing live video.

Organize a Takeover

Instagram takeovers are an exciting way to receive fresh content on your feed and work with influencers and other brands. They’re also a smart resource for more comments. A takeover involves an Instagram influencer or brand taking over another user’s feed for a period of 1 day and posting according to their perspective.

Takeovers help brands and influencers generate intriguing content, which attracts more comments for the account they’re posting on and for their own account. For example, WeWork collaborated with Hubspot and posted member and brand stories to Hubspot’s followers. The takeover ended with a call to action, asking Hubspot’s followers to like and comment on its new posts. In addition, Hubspot enjoyed likes and comments from WeWork members and other users who were following its posts. Takeovers are a strategic way to gain more followers and comments for both the host and the guest.

Ask Your Followers to Comment

Once you have a feature such as IGTV up and running, you can start posting Q&As. If you’re looking to interview someone famous over a live IGTV video, you can also publish a few posts to promote your interview. Even better, on each post, you can ask followers to comment with a question they’d like to ask the person you’re interviewing. If your subject is intriguing to your audience, you’ll trigger a flood of questions and comments. This will also allow your followers and prospects to directly engage with your content. You should only select the most relevant questions and comments to include in your interview.

Comments, views, and likes are assets to your brand’s Instagram profile because they determine the position of your brand’s posts in the target audience’s feeds. What’s more, users can also discover your content on the Explore page if you achieve increased engagement. Your best approach is to test different methods to increase the number of comments you receive and leverage what works best. Use Instagram’s Insights to measure your progress, and keep posting top-quality and interesting content.