The Anatomy of an Effective Marketing Technology Stack

Your marketing technology stack can make or break your sales efforts.

Source: Sitthiphong / iStock / Getty

Marketing technology is a huge piece of the average marketer’s budget. In fact, CMOs now spend more money on technology than talent on average, with about 29% of their budget going towards martech (source). If you’re investing that much money into your technology, you need to be sure you have a stack that’s truly effective.

A marketing technology stack is the technologies that a marketer uses in order to sell their company’s services. How those pieces come together and interplay with one another will determine your company’s marketing technology strategy. But since martech is such a quickly growing industry, there are more and more pieces of technology popping up every day. What avenues of tech should you be investing in?

Digital Advertising

First, you want to make sure you’re growing your audience. That often means spending some cash on digital advertising. Whether it’s Facebook Ads, promoting your page on Google, or investing heavily into your Search Engine Optimization efforts, digital advertising attracts new eyes to your website and brings new people into your sales funnel.

Social Media Management

It’s become trickier for companies to use social media platforms at their most basic capabilities and see results. If you want social media to actually make a difference in your company, you’re likely going to need to invest in some type of social media technology. Programs like Buffer allow you to schedule multiple posts to different platforms, track hashtags, and see what’s going on in the social media landscape of your business without spending hours in each platform.

A Customer Relationship Manager

If you want to make sure your leads are being tended to, a CRM is well worth the investment. CRMs allow you to track leads, know instantly where a client is on the sales process, and invoice customers all from one platform. It’s the best way to keep your client list organized and to be able to quickly pull up data and information. This makes engaging with your customers and staying on top of business much easier.


Knowing your numbers is essential for any marketer. Investing in a program like Google Analytics that helps you know how people are finding your website is a must. If you aren’t able to track the effectiveness of your various marketing efforts, you won’t know what to do next within your strategy. Paying for analytics details is an investment that will make you far more than you initially spend.