A Marketer’s Guide to Getting Featured on Product Hunt

Product marketers know that being featured on Product Hunt can make your launch. Here’s what marketers need to know.

Source: erhui1979 / DigitalVision Vectors / Getty

For the past 3 ½ years, Product Hunt has been helping consumers discover their “next favorite thing.” With 1.2 million registered users, the site can be a major boost for new tech products, with a very small time investment and no direct cost—assuming you can get your product featured on the site’s home page. The Product Hunt site relies on users to submit all sorts of tech products for consideration, from mobile apps to wearables, and then allows others to up- or down-vote each product based on how much they like it. This approach may seem like a gamble, but marketers can take a number of actions to increase the chances of getting their product in the spotlight.

Submit Brand-New Products

While the site does accept submissions for products that have been around for a while, the site’s users show a strong preference for the newest and hottest software, books, and games. To increase the chances of getting featured on the site, focus your efforts on your latest releases.

But Don’t Jump the Gun

If you have a product coming down the pipeline that hasn’t been released yet, it’s not likely to get a lot of attention on Product Hunt. Site users generally respond best to newly launched products they can actually get their hands on. Exception: Some prelaunch or crowdfunded products have received high accolades in the past, but they tend to require a lot of detailed information and evidence, like a video walk-through of features, before users will take notice.

Express Your Enthusiasm

While the site originated as a way for consumers to share cool things they were using or interested in, it evolved to allow manufacturers and marketers to post products and now encourages the practice. Product Hunt is fueled by a spirit of enthusiasm, so marketers may see better results if they post a thoughtful introduction to the company and product, as well as a compelling backstory for the product.

Include All Pertinent Information

Beyond the name and description of the product, make sure your submission includes all other relevant details a potential buyer might need to get fired up about your new offering. This includes links to your company website and social media profiles and an obvious link to your online store or the Apple® App Store/Google Play so they can purchase your product.

Use High-Quality Images

Products with high-quality photos (or screenshots for apps) that enable consumers to get a real feel for the goods are more likely to outperform other listings. Two photos are required for every submission, but the majority of products featured on the site’s home page have five or more.

Engage with Consumers

In addition to voting, consumers can add comments to a product listing. After posting a product, be sure to monitor the comments and respond to questions or concerns or just thank them for taking the time to check out your product.

While these tips won’t guarantee your product gets up-votes or a coveted spot on the Product Hunt home page, they will substantially increase your chances. Because anyone can register an account and submit products for the masses to review, at no cost, the only expense is your time—but the potential returns could be massive.