How to Find Free Stock Photos That Aren’t Lame

Want to find stock photos that aren’t lame like this one? Good news! Stock photography just got a whole lot more accessible.

Stock photography gets a bad reputation among marketers. If we’re being honest … it’s often deserved. Stock photos probably conjure up photos of a bunch of men in suits shaking hands and smiling or a woman eating a salad and laughing. They tend to be dull and feel like you were just transported back to 2002. Furthermore, they tend to only feature one type of person—a white, thin, well-off person with no visible disabilities. But as we know, our employees and customers don’t always fit into that box. Besides, you want to show people doing real things, not just sitting around and talking at conference tables. Stock photos feel as if they’ll make your brand inauthentic and boring.

At the same time, stock photography can be a real gift for businesses. Outsourcing photography is expensive, but DIYing brand photos may not get you the best results. You want hi-res photos that really exemplify your brand, as well as social media content, but you may not want to spend the funds necessary to get those images personalized.

That’s where stock photography comes in. Luckily, there are multiple stock photography websites that offer a wide range of photos—if you know where to look.

What’s the best part? These websites are free, allowing you to snag images for your brand’s visual component without dropping a dollar. Check out some of these stock photography galleries to embrace photos taken by other people and give your company the great visuals it deserves.


Pexels’ stock photos have a very modern feel to them. If your aesthetic trends younger and you need some pictures for your Instagram feed, Pexels offers trendy social-media-friendly snapshots for you to use.


Unsplash is a stock photography website that has a wider range of diversity within its photos than your average stock photography website. If you’re looking for photos that represent all types of people, it’s a great site to check out.


Are you looking for illustrations over photos? Pixabay can’t be beat. Its quirky, royalty-free illustrations will allow you to add a bit of quirkiness into your content and give your brand a fun-loving feel. It also carries photographs, although its pictures feel a bit less contemporary than some of its competitors.


Burst, from Shopify, categorizes images for easy browsing. It’s another site with pictures that feel more modern, allowing you to give your brand a fresh feeling for today’s consumer.