5 Ways to Keep Marketing Employees Motivated

Sure, raises and bonuses are nice, but there are nonmonetary ways to show your appreciation as well.

Source: SK Design / shutterstock

Marketing can be an exhausting industry, and it’s also well known for its high turnover. How can you keep your employees motivated to put their best feet forward and not totally overwhelm them? Here are five ways to keep your marketing employees motivated to do good work without pushing them out the door.

  • Get rid of boredom. Employees that are bored aren’t going to be very productive. Ask your marketing team how they think things are going. Are they interested in trying anything new? Have they recently listened to a podcast that got their wheels turning? People in marketing tend to be full of creative ideas. Make sure you’re tapping into that creativity and utilizing it to the fullest extent.
  • Make things competitive. Everyone loves a little friendly competition. Perhaps you can start some kind of competition for who can bring in the most leads. Hopefully, all will embrace their competitive side and get  fired up.   Make sure that things don’t turn into a bloodbath.
  • Reward people publicly. A one-on-one meeting where you thank someone for his or her hard work is great. But don’t forget the power of public praise. Next time you have an all-staff meeting, publicly acknowledge a few people on your team who have gone above and beyond. It will make them feel they have an important place in the company, and it will inspire everyone to continue to work hard.
  • Ask other management to help. If you have access to the CEO of the company, or another upper-level member of the management team, encourage him or her to engage with the marketing team and thank the members for their hard work, even if it’s as simple as stopping by your bullpen one afternoon. Sometimes a kind word from someone who isn’t your boss can feel even more meaningful.
  • Allow people to work in a way that’s best for them. Marketing is a creative task, and different people will find their creativity in different ways. If you’re able to allow employees to work outside the office, let them! Look into standing desks or treadmill desks. Explore the idea of flexible work hours. By allowing people to work in a way that’s best for them, you’ll encourage them to bring their best ideas to the table. Employees will be much more motivated to do good work for a company they feel cares about them.