5 Trends in Global Marketing for 2018

As more brands take their products and services global, international marketing is in the spotlight. Here are trends to watch for in 2018.

Source: Martin Barraud / OJO Images / Getty Images Plus

2018 may be the year your company finally goes global—or takes your activities to new markets. While global expansion has the potential to dramatically boost your profits, it also puts pressure on your marketing team to perform. Luckily, a host of products, services, and best practices are making it easier to win market share in new markets everywhere.

Automated translation platforms: Translation and localization is an essential part of bringing your marketing to new audiences. Manually translating content across documents, however, quickly becomes unwieldy and there can be unnecessary delays. Whether you’re bringing English copy into a new language or integrating idioms that speak to customers in a particular locale, automated translation platforms are streamlining that process.

International market research: Market research is vital to help you better understand target markets. However, conducting market research overseas can be logistically challenging. With new digital tools, especially those focused on mobile, companies are accessing international survey panels. Whether you’re targeting B2B or B2C buyers, online market research is helping companies make informed overseas investments.

Emerging laws: A number of new laws have been passed in the last year that are making it important for marketers to be informed about the legal environment and how it will shape their campaigns. For example, marketers working in Europe must understand the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. Consult an expert on marketing law for areas where you’re considering doing business, and develop a plan to stay abreast of rapidly changing regulations.

Changing technologies, new opportunities: New technologies are becoming      widespread, from more powerful smartphones to virtual reality. As technology improves, global and regional marketing campaigns are becoming more sophisticated. Take time to consider whether a new market is ready for specific technologies, and whether incorporating them into your campaigns could help you stand out.

Local talent: Increasingly, companies are bringing aboard local talent to help shape and manage campaigns. From translation to existing networks, having marketing talent based in the markets you’re reaching out to has numerous advantages that can help your company leapfrog some of the obvious challenges of marketing in a new area. Spend time learning how to effectively recruit in international markets: job boards, local Chambers of Commerce, business schools, and networking groups are all great places to start.

If the year ahead is bringing your business to international waters, take the time to learn the latest best practices. The best technology, people, and compliance practices will help ensure your marketing goes smoothly and will let you focus on growing your business around the world.

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