5 Strategies to Boost Your PR Responses

Public relations professionals can get more out of their work by engaging complementary strategies. Here are five that can boost your results.

Source: Hilch / iStock / Getty

Working as a public relations professional is a demanding job. You are putting out press releases and working closely with the media for story placements. You are constantly on the lookout for promotional opportunities, ways to raise visibility for your brand, and, often, striving to find additional strategies to increase the impact of your work. Many public relations professionals are focusing on mastering complementary disciplines that can help them expand their reach and more quickly achieve aggressive peer goals. Here are five ways to get more from your next PR campaign.

Master search engine optimization: Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art of using keywords to make sure your content is found via search engines like Google and Bing. PR professionals who take the time to master SEO increase the discoverability of their content. Determine which keywords your audience is using, incorporate them into your work, and build links to high-authority websites to improve SEO performance.

Focus on social sharing: Social networks have made it easier than ever before to reach a wider audience. Make it easy for readers to share your press releases, content, and media stories on social media. Integrate social media buttons so users can share them with their followers in a single click. Accompany stories with easy-to-share social updates to encourage avid Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram users to boost the signal of pieces they love.

Connect PR to sales and marketing: Companies get a stronger ROI when they align their entire communications efforts across the board. At a strategic level, take the time to determine how your PR efforts can best support the broader goals of the company. Work closely with marketing on product launches or rebrands, and support sales during their quarterly promotional drives. When you connect your PR activities to your organization’s larger goals, it’s easier to highlight bigger success.

Collect data on PR performance: Many PR reps and agencies are tracking the number of placements they get or the eyes on a piece. Visibility matters, and it’s one way to demonstrate the impact you’re having. More advanced PR-focused data gathering explores how public relations outreach contributes to sales. Integrate your PR data into attribution models and other internal data-tracking activities.

Work with influencers: Traditional PR can become even more effective when paired with influencer marketing. Influencers can weave your public relations efforts into your existing content and provide an organic spin on the larger narratives you’re trying to tell.

Public relations is an important part of your company’s communication mix. Accomplish more by finding ways to integrate PR with other functions, lean into the power of data, and extend your reach with social and influencer marketing.