5 Social Media Automation Tools You Need to be Using

Spend less time typing out content and more time focusing on the bigger picture.

Source: ProStockStudio / shutterstock

You know your business needs a social media presence. But the thought of posting to various platforms and interacting with your audience every single day feels like a waste of time. That’s because partly, it is—if you’re constantly switching from other work back to social media, you’re losing valuable minutes to the widely-proven multitasking loss. It’s much more efficient to batch your social media work ahead of time and let automation handle everything for you.

Here are five social media tools you should be using to take your social media presence up a notch without spending hours on it daily.


People visit Instagram to be inspired. But they visit Pinterest to shop. That means your business absolutely needs to be on Pinterest. By utilizing Tailwind, you can schedule pins ahead of time so that they’re pinned at the most optimal moment for your audience. Tailwind also allows you to schedule re-pins so that Pinterest sees you’re engaging with the content of others, likely boosting you in the algorithm.


Want to monitor all of your accounts in one place? That’s what CoSchedule is for. You can easily cross post content to various accounts and see a higher-level picture of what’s being posted when. If you have a big launch coming up, CoSchedule is essential as it enables you to see when you’re promoting and on which platforms.


Buffer is a favorite of marketers, and it’s no surprise why. The software provides detailed data breakdowns of each of your social media posts so that you can easiliy see which are losing steam and which are surging ahead. Instead of combing through each post and platform individually, Buffer packages it up for you in an easy-to-read format.


If This Than That allows you to take your marketing brainpower and automate it. The user creates social media “rules” that IFTTT than puts into place. So for instance, if you use a certain hashtag on Instagram, IFTTT knows to also post that content to Twitter. If you post something on Facebook, it can automatically be saved for later. IFTTT adds some strategy to your automated social media in a way that makes your job ten thousand times easier.


How your Instagram feed looks as a whole is crucial when it comes to getting new followers. Oftentimes, people are going to click over to your main profile and check out your feed’s aesthetic before following. That means you need to make sure each shot takes part in some kind of grander “feel”. Planoly allows you to do so by “test posting” images to your feed in order to check it out from afar before scheduling it. If you focus on Instagram as a marketing strategy, you need Planoly—plain and simple.