3 Basics to a Successful Social Media Strategy

A good social media strategy can make or break a new business. Here are the basics for creating a winning strategy that you should know.

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When starting a new business, it can be difficult to determine which areas to focus on first. Social media is one area all start-ups should take an interest in despite whether they’re primarily digital brands. Here are some basics you must get right for a successful social media strategy.

First Impressions Count

It’s tempting to jump into the social media pool head-first after just having registered your new business; after all, many people think social media is basically for updates and engagement, so fine-tuning the look of your business’s profiles can wait. That is an understandable position to take.

However, social media is also a highly competitive world—and even within your own industry, you are likely to have competitors vying for your audience. So it’s crucial to ensure your profiles look good, with a strong image selection and detailed bios. Don’t forget to include your website, as well, if you have one.

Engagement First, Sales Later

Many new brands think of social media as a sales platform, so it’s not unusual to see only promotional content in the early days. You might be successful in gaining some customers by doing this, but it’s not the best way to establish your presence on social media.

Start-ups often want to run before they can walk. But social media success typically takes time to achieve. This means you may have to produce a lot of content that doesn’t generate immediate sales. Bear in mind, however, that you are building your brand—and it will be worth the effort in the end. It’s a good idea to think about the long game and focus on engagement rather than sales.

Regular Updates

Another issue start-ups often have with social media is they get bored with it. And sometimes, this is indicated by a deluge of promotional content posts but nothing else. Remember, your customers aren’t looking for a hard sell when they’re browsing social media, and getting blasted with constant promo posts will turn them off. Instead, you want to have a schedule for organic social media content.

This is where you want to focus on doing what you can. Even if that means putting out social media content only two or three times a week, it can still work for you if you’re consistent about it. Social media traffic moves so fast that you can be quickly forgotten. If your profiles seem to be inactive, you may be unfollowed. Also, the best way to grow—and keep—your audience is by posting fresh content.

As a new business, you may think it’s necessary to dominate social media. After all, most of your new customers are going to come from digital channels. However, a successful social media strategy takes careful planning and time to execute. In the early stages, you want to get the basics right—and build from there. So remember: First impressions count, engagement must come before sales, and it’s crucial to have regular updates (and a simple posting schedule can help you make that happen).