Marketing Technology

Building Strategy Supported by Marketing Technology

Marketing technology is often viewed through a tactical lens. Here’s a closer look at how leading brands are building strategies that marketing technology can bring to life.

Sophisticated marketing technologies are allowing us to connect with and understand audiences in a whole new, deeper way. Whether it’s in-store behaviors or what visitors are doing on your website, every area of the customer experience can be measured and understood in order to deliver a better customer experience. How can you use these technologies to fuel your strategy and go beyond a basic tactical deployment?

Marketing Technology and Sophisticated Strategies

One of the most important areas to consider when developing marketing strategies is the possibilities new classes of technology are making possible. In addition, those same technological opportunities are creating a change in customer expectations. Evaluate new classes of technology, and determine how they can help you engage more deeply, reach new audiences, or tell a more ambitious story about your customer experience. Envision how different experiences can elevate your marketing in a meaningful way.

Improving Processes with Better Tech

Incorporating marketing technology in creative ways can help you improve critical marketing processes. For example, the right content marketing-focused technology can help you produce, design, and publish more content across a range of different channels and measure its performance. By determining what areas of your marketing mix are most critical, you can identify areas where technology investments can deliver the kind of improvements that free you up to tackle bigger strategies.

Laser Focus on Your Customers

Today’s best marketing strategies are customer focused—and the right marketing technology can help you laser focus on your customers. Advanced behavioral tracking, segmentation, and other technology lets today’s marketing strategists take a deep dive into what customers need and assess the best way to reach them. With marketing technology, it’s also possible to evaluate how emerging channels and distribution methods can help you more effectively connect with specific demographics and groups of customers. Technology’s ability to develop customer-focused strategies ranges from developing a deeper understanding of who your customers are to expanding the ways in which you ensure your message connects with them.

The marketing technology landscape is becoming more advanced. As it continues to develop, it opens up new strategic possibilities for marketing leaders. Don’t fall into the trap of simply looking at each technology development as something that can take care of a specific tactical need. Thinking bigger and looking at technology’s strategic potential can take your marketing campaigns to new heights.