Marketing Technology

5 Ways to Connect a Remote Marketing Team

Your copywriter lives in Seattle. Your designer is down in Texas. You have developers working in the United Kingdom and an agency based in Toronto. Meanwhile, your company is headquartered in Tulsa. Welcome to today’s distributed marketing team. How can the latest marketing technologies help you stay connected, and what types of technology should be in every remote team’s stack?

Project management software: When you’re working as part of a distributed team, one of the most challenging aspects of the process is knowing what each person is working on. With project management software, it is easy to see where campaigns are in execution and what tasks may be outstanding at any time. Not only does this help keep your marketing staff focused on their most urgent tasks, but it creates an easy way for managers to stay connected with each individual contributor’s workload.

Analytics software: How are your marketing campaigns performing? Consider providing each member of your marketing team with some level of access to your analytics dashboard. When individual contributors can see in real time how specific content is performing, how much engagement campaigns are getting on social media and more, they can learn and apply that information to the projects they’re working on to garner increasingly better results.

Collaboration platforms: Today’s collaboration platforms allow multiple team members to share documents in real time. A copywriter, editor, and designer can be brainstorming in the same document—and see others’ changes in the moment—to more quickly create the perfect brochure or piece of collateral for any marketing need.

Knowledge sharing: How much time are members of your remote team spending looking for files? When you can shout over the cubicle wall and ask to find the latest version of the logo, it’s quick and easy to share information. However, when the same basic communication requires an e-mail or hopping on a video call, people may be more reluctant to interrupt their colleagues. A cloud-based knowledge-sharing file system specifically for your marketing department can help you stay organized and eliminate the wasted time workers spend looking for the latest versions of your marketing documents.

Video chat: When your employees work in different locations around the world, it can be hard to forge the kinds of relationships that support free-flowing and open brainstorming. Yet, today’s marketing departments need innovation, creative ideas, and collaboration to bring show-stopping campaigns to life. Invest in a reliable video platform that will allow team members to easily talk face-to-face from any location.

Remote teams are a reality in today’s global workforce, and they can bring a variety of experience, knowledge, and perspective to your marketing projects. Create a technology foundation that makes it easy to create agile workflows, seamless collaboration, and strong relationships—no matter where your marketing teams are located.