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The Number One Trick to Increase the Reach of Your Podcast

If your company recently launched a podcast to up-level your brand, it’s important to get as many ears listening as possible.

Podcasts are an intriguing marketing trend to explore. As people attempt to spend less time in front of their computers, they’re relying on podcasts while they drive to work, wash dishes, or work out. Podcasts are a fresh new form of content marketing that can forge a connection with clients and introduce new ones to your brand. But every day, scores of new shows arrive on the scene, making it harder and harder for great ones to rise above the crowd. With so many options available, how can you convince people to listen to your podcast?

There are a few simple ways to increase the reach of your podcast, such as:

  • Hosting a giveaway where each Facebook share counts as an entry
  • Paying for advertisements on social media
  • Providing high-quality content that listeners can’t get enough of
  • Asking listeners to rate and review your show on iTunes
  • Creating a website and providing useful show notes

But if you’re a little fish in the big sea of podcasting, there’s one simple trick that will attract listeners to your podcast—invite guests who are influencers in your network.

Think about it. If potential customers have no idea who they are, why would they turn on your podcast? They’re much more willing to listen to someone they already know, like, and trust. Having network influencers on your show as guests will make a huge difference in your numbers. Not only will that particular episode see a boost but also the hope is that your episode is so fantastic, listeners can’t wait to download more.

Think about which network influencers you could invite on your show. Who’s a prominent person in your field? This isn’t just who has a lot of great knowledge to share, but who has a wide reach online? The goal is to find an influencer who will introduce you to his or her audience. Once you have some big names on your show, even bigger names will be interested and more willing to come on as well. You can quickly have guests on who will share your show with massive audiences.

Influencers aren’t the be-all and end-all, but they can certainly help. By having someone on your show who’s well-known in your field and willing to share you with their primed audience, you’ll have tons of new eyes and ears on your podcast going forward. So, before you decide your show is a solo one, consider the power of influencer marketing.