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5 Questions to Ask Before Hosting a Webinar

Hosting a webinar soon? Make sure you have all your bases covered with these five questions.

Webinars are quickly growing in popularity, and it’s no surprise why. They’re a perfect way to launch a new product or service, answer questions from your customers, and paint your brand as an authority figure on a given topic. But the tech side of things can get a little tricky if not thoroughly thought out. Here are five questions to ask before every webinar to ensure your digital gathering goes as well as possible.

  • What host are you using? Programs like Zoom, GoToMeeting, and WebinarJam allow you to invite certain amounts of people to your webinar. Factors that can go into choosing a host include your budget, the size of your webinar, and any features like screen-sharing that you want included. Make sure you select a webinar program that’s the best fit for your company. Some programs even offer free trials, so you can take it for a spin before committing to the often-hefty fees.
  • What microphone will you use for your audio? Sure, your Apple earphones have a mike, but the audio quality is less than stellar. Consider investing in a microphone to make your audio crystal clear. You can go high-end immediately with something like the Blue Yeti or start simpler with a headset mike. Having clear audio will raise the quality of your webinar immensely.
  • How are you measuring conversions? Are you sending webinar viewers to a landing page? Giving them a discount code? Inviting them to try a new product? Make sure you have a way to measure the success of your webinar more than just who tuned in. Having a special link to provide webinar viewers will help determine how effective the webinar was when it comes to conversions.
  • How are you spreading the word? Make sure your followers know about your webinar by sharing the date and time on social media and with your e-mail subscribers. But if you want to kick it up a notch, you might consider investing in some social media ads. You can time the ads so they’re featured more prominently on the morning of your air date.
  • Do you want to record the webinar? Recording your webinar gives you great content to use for later. You can share snippets of your webinar on Facebook, send it out to your e-mail subscribers who weren’t able to tune in, or offer it as a downloadable upgrade on a blogpost. In order to record the webinar, make sure you select a webinar host that allows you to do so.