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4 Ways Webinars Can Help You Feature Your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Your company’s thought leadership plan should include webinars. Here are four ways to showcase industry expertise.

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Getting your SMEs into the public eye is an essential part of a robust thought leadership campaign. Many of today’s top companies have their executives, content experts, and client services providers blogging, providing comments in press articles, and writing white papers. A webinar can reach a whole different audience and provide you with video that can be repurposed and used in a range of formats. Here are four strategies to showcase your SMEs’ expertise in a webinar series.

Interview format: Find someone in your company to interview their colleagues. Choose a host who is dynamic, can have an interesting conversation, and is comfortable on camera. The host can act as an anchor for even your most technical SMEs. Work to craft a list of questions ahead of time. Give your SMEs the opportunity to review the questions, suggest topics they want to talk about, and make sure they understand the flow of the session. End the webinar with a question and answer (Q&A) session to provide your audience with valuable, real-time insights from your team.

Lessons learned and case studies: One factor that makes your SMEs valuable and interesting is their hands-on experience. Can they walk your audience through specific case studies and lessons learned from projects? Perhaps you have customers with approved public case studies. Those can make a great base for a webinar. You can also anonymize nonpublic case studies.

Introduce new thought leadership and framework: One company I worked with in the B2B space regularly creates webinars that focus on frameworks and ideas. From strategies to evaluate social media success to a seven-point process for getting PR coverage, they constantly codify their knowledge into formats that are easy to understand and easy to execute. Present a webinar or a miniclass that will leave attendees with important things to think about.

Conduct a how-to session: Do your SMEs tackle challenging problems or issues your audience would love an inside look at? Consider putting together a how-to series. Take a deep dive into how to get a specific result or make the most of the features of your product. A how-to session has a concrete benefit, and there are many options for customizing the content to your audience.

Getting your company’s SMEs out and talking about what they do best is one of the best ways to market your company. Scale your activities by focusing on webinars to reach a wider global audience.