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3 Ways to Make Money on Webinars

Webinars can make a huge difference in your latest launch.

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It’s no secret that webinars can be very useful tools for marketers. But in addition to making announcements and demonstrating products, webinars can actually help you make more money.

Here are four tips for making more money on your webinars so that they aren’t just helpful for your audience but also helpful for your bank account.

  1. Before you even have your webinar, make sure you have a healthy, robust e-mail list. You should be focusing on building your list at least a few months before your webinar date, so plan ahead! This widens your guest list potential and also allows you to nurture those on your list with helpful content before making a pitch. People will be much more likely to buy if they’ve already seen your expertise. Build your list by offering multiple opt-ins, creating content upgrades, or even purchasing social media ads.
  2. Make a “limited-time offer” pitch. These don’t have to feel as inherently cheesy as they sound. But by giving a little something extra to people who purchase right away, you’re incentivizing them to act quickly. If you’re announcing the launch of a new program or product, see if there’s a freebie you can include or a discount you can give for customers who sign up before the end of the webinar. This motivation technique has been proven to work, and you don’t need to be icky about it—just let them know that it’s a special offer for webinar attendees only and needs to be claimed during the actual webinar. You don’t need to add an obnoxious clock in the corner to make more on-air sales; you just need to be honest, earnest, and transparent.
  3. Kick off a sales funnel. Before your webinar, you should have a funnel of sales e-mails written up and ready to be sent through your e-mail marketing provider. Your funnel should automatically begin shortly after your webinar, as attendees have already been “warmed” to your product or service. E-mail funnels can be incredibly effective for those attendees who weren’t willing to pull the trigger online but need to think about it for a day or two. Your funnel can include things like the webinar replay and any FAQs you’ve compiled. You can also have a separate funnel for people who registered for the webinar and were then unable to attend that provides a bit more information they may have missed.