Building Your Brand as a CMO

What steps have you taken to build your brand as a CMO? In today’s increasingly competitive landscape, the executives at the helm of marketing and customer experience are expected to be contributing original ideas.

It’s no longer enough to consolidate industry best practices and apply them to your experiences. Leaders must generate original campaigns and play a role in getting their brands out there. Let’s take a closer look at three strategies for helping CMOs build their personal brands.

Explore how your personal brand can help build your company’s presence: Increasingly, companies are finding that customers want to do business with companies led by knowledgeable experts. Your brand isn’t just the collective power behind your company’s name. It’s also evaluated based on the quality of the leadership. If your brand is known for innovation, how can an active CMO support that? Alternately, a brand that’s a staple might become a leader in discussing traditional yet effective approaches to marketing in their space. Find your unique voice in the space you work in.

Get out there with your ideas: One of the best ways to build your profile is to get out there with your ideas. There are different mediums that can play to your strengths. If you love to speak, participating in panels, giving talks, and keynoting sessions can build your profile and help increase your power as a thought leader. If you’re better at writing, a book, blog, or contributor slot at a publication like Forbes or Entrepreneur can help you reach audiences. Finally, if you shine most in conversations, consider doing the podcast circuit to reach today’s busy business leaders.

Think about your long-term career plans: Another element to consider when developing your personal brand as a CMO is where you want to be in 10 years. Do you see yourself in the same role, expanding your influence and continuing to innovate? Do you want to be at the helm of another company, perhaps a larger business or one in your dream industry? Or do you envision yourself stepping out on your own to write books, consult, or speak? Smart strategists consider the impact of a strong platform on their own long-term plans and find ways to grow their profile in a way that supports both their personal and professional goals.

CMOs need an internal and external strategic focus in their role. Increasingly, a CMO’s platform is another way he or she can contribute to growing the authority and importance behind the company’s brand. Take the time to find an interesting position in the market that supports your long-term goals—both personal and professional—and develop a road map to help you build your profile.