Influencer Marketing

5 Influencer Marketing Trends to Pay Attention To

Kick your influencer marketing strategy up a notch with these current trends.

Source: Warchi / iStock / Getty

Influencer marketing is an enormous industry that continues to grow. Getting influencers to promote your products or services will give you access to a wider audience and help your brand stay relevant, and as digital marketing continues to expand, influencer marketing isn’t likely to go anywhere. Here are five influencer marketing trends you want to be paying attention to right now to make sure you’re getting the most out of your partnership.

  1. In-person events: Gathering your influencers together gives you a hefty amount of marketing content to use. They can blog their experiences, you can capture the whole thing on Facebook, and everyone can share his or her experience in Instagram Stories. If you work with multiple influencers, consider inviting them to the office for a tour, some freebies, and extra exposure. Influencers will enjoy meeting one another, and you’ll see a spike in your social media engagement.
  2. Boosted posts: More and more influencers are spending money to boost their posts in order to give their companies a higher return on investment, and more and more companies are spending money to boost their posts in order to show off their relationship with an influencer. As algorithms continue to change, platforms will become harder to find organic reach on. The pay-to-play system is quickly becoming an added benefit if you can find room in your marketing budget.
  3. Expanding into video: Just like every other aspect of marketing, influencer marketing has been spiraling toward video. Instead of asking influencers to create sponsored posts, see if they’d be interested in an Instagram Live while unpacking a box you’ve sent them. You should also make sure you’re keeping an eye on YouTube—there are plenty of influencers hanging out on that platform, as well. Don’t just limit yourself to Instagram and Facebook.
  4. Making things measurable: Influencer marketing can be tricky to track. By giving influencers a unique link to provide their audience, you can measure your return on investment and make sure your partnership is fruitful.
  5. Full disclosure: The Federal Trade Commission is continuing to keep an eye on influencers as the markets grow. That means influencers have to be more careful than ever to disclose that they’ve received payment for a post. Instagram makes this incredibly easy by allowing influencers to tag branded content; then, all they have to do is throw in a #ad as part of their post. Make sure your influencers are aware of the law.