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How to Market Your Brand This St. Patrick’s Day

Now’s the time to get your St. Patrick’s Day marketing plan in place.

Source: mammuth / iStock / Getty

Is your brand considering celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this year? Although it’s not technically a national holiday, many people look forward to that special day in March for a variety of reasons. Beyond green beer and getting pinched for dressing in the wrong colors, here are a few ways your brand can tap into the festive traditions without stealing anyone’s pot of gold.

Go green. There’s no doubt green is the shade of the day when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day, and a nod to the verdant hue could be all it takes to infuse your marketing campaign with a little luck o’ the Irish. If your business has a physical product, consider how you can use the color green to highlight it. Ask your staff to wear green, and consider offering a special perk or discount to customers who do the same. Don’t forget about your online presence and social media accounts, as well. Add some green visuals leading up to St. Patrick’s Day.

Do a safety dance. If your business is in any way related to health or safety (or the excessive consumption of green-dyed alcohol), show your conscious side by designing a St. Patrick’s Day campaign around educating consumers. Whether you decide to do a serious or whimsical take, brands that demonstrate care and concern may be able to leverage the revelry-filled day to make meaningful connections with potential customers.

Throw a party. Many people would love a St. Patrick’s Day party that isn’t in a crowded bar. Host an event or party at your place of business, and make it fun. Adding traditional Irish musicians or dancers could be a good touch, depending on your space. If you serve alcohol, remind attendees not to drink and drive or go one step further and pick up the tab for safe transportation after the event. Offer St. Patrick’s Day-themed specials for 1 day only.

Chase the pot of gold. In the days leading up to St. Patrick’s Day, run a contest that encourages customers to enter to win a prize you refer to as a “pot of gold.” Announce your winner on the big day, and make sure the actual prize lives up to the hype.

Whatever your approach, be sure to emphasize light-hearted fun combined with physical safety to ensure your customers are able to come back to you throughout the rest of the month. And don’t forget about the rainbows.