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Why Your CMO and Chief Service Officer Need to Work Together

Consensus in the C-suite is more important than ever. Here’s why your CMO and chief service officer need to work together.

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Do your CMO and chief service executive work together to bring your customer experience (CX) vision to life? If not, you may be missing out on one of the most critical collaborations needed for customer success. Often, the C-suite is focused on running an entire organization or driving initiatives forward in each individual functional area. Yet time and again, organizations have learned that focused collaborations yield big results. Here are two ways your CMO and service lead can impact your business growth.

Consistent CX Across the Customer Journey

CXs start with marketing touch points and end with customer service. Deeper marketing and service collaboration helps ensure consistent experiences, levels of personalization, and marketing throughout. By ensuring both teams are on the same page, you’ll avoid the challenges presented by making promises your organization isn’t prepared to deliver on.

Emphasizing the Same Intangibles

Your CX isn’t just a series of transactions—it’s also a feeling. For example, does your brand emphasize high-touch, luxury experiences? Or maybe you’re cultivating a down-home, quick experience whereby everyone feels valued. Make sure those intangibles are clear and consistent and that there’s a strategy in place for both marketing and service to deliver.

Streamlining Your Process

When marketing and customer service work together, companies can also benefit from process efficiencies. For example, your team may share the same file storage system to ensure you’re working on the latest version of a client contract or follow shared processes for denoting specific customer interactions. You’ll save time and money and have a better “source of truth” for customer encounters. These deep process collaborations are often best supported when they come from the top down.

Share Market Insights

Marketing and customer service see the market from different perspectives. As a result, each department has a unique take on what’s working—and what’s most important to the customer service experience. By sharing market insights and customer data, both marketing and customer service can develop better insights into what’s working in today’s landscape.

Today’s CMOs and service leaders face audacious mandates regarding the CX. By working together, they can develop efficient processes, well-rounded data strategies, and a better approach to delivering powerful CXs across the board.