From the CMO

Three Traits of Effective Social Media Managers

Are you looking to hire a new social media manager? Here’s what to be on the lookout for.

With the ever-growing field of digital marketing, staying on top of social media is a must. Spending time on social media can be incredibly draining, however—you log on to update your company’s status and spend the next 3 hours fielding comments, posting photos, or sharing content. Just when you have one platform figured out, another one leaps in, potentially taking its place. Sometimes it’s best just to hand social media over to one designated person. If your company is in the market for a new social media manager, or is considering transitioning one of your marketing team members to that role, here are three traits you should encourage to make sure they find success.

  1. Quick thinking. Some people need to take hours to think over decisions and want things to be perfect before they execute them. But that trait can be detrimental in the world of social media. Things move so quickly; your social media manager needs to be ready to react in an instant. Whether it’s a social media campaign started by a disgruntled customer or a world event you want to comment on, your social media manager needs to be able to think on his or her toes.
  2. Focus. As we just mentioned, social media can quickly spiral out of control. So, it’s incredibly important for someone working in social media to have a sense of focus. Just because a shiny new platform pops up doesn’t mean it’s a great fit for your company. The truly powerful platforms have staying power—you aren’t going to “miss the boat. They should be able to create a strategy and execute it, not get constantly sidelined by new opportunities or intriguing platforms. Social media hasn’t been just for teenagers in a long time; it’s a true business tool and needs to be treated like one.
  3. Creativity. Social media managers should be constantly thinking of either (a) new content or (b) ways to recycle previous content. If you’re hosting a fun office party, promoting a new product, or trying to grow your list, your social media manager can help you come up with creative ways to turn those things into content across various platforms. Straight sales pitches aren’t going to do the trick anymore—you need to build an engaged audience who follows your activity online. So, someone who thinks inside the box probably isn’t a great fit for a social media manager position.